Angular Tips: Measuring Rendering Performance

by newuser09876 26. March 2014 22:45

Recently I’ve had to try and improve the performance of a page that had too many watches, specifically I had a table where each row was generated with an ‘ng-repeat’ and then within each row I had a ‘select’ element whose options were also generated with an ‘ng-repeat’. The ‘select’ had around 200 options with a binding for both the value and text, the number of rows varied but probably averaged around 5 and each row had a few bindings itself, so tally that up and you’re looking at over 2000 bindings, which when combined with the rest of the page was quite simply too much.

There are many ways of improving the performance of this page but before attempting any changes I wanted to be able to measure the rendering performance, so that I would then have something to compare my changes to.

I’d previously read the blog post from Scalyr on improving Angular rendering performance and in this post they mentioned that they ‘detected the finish of the $digest cycle’ in order to measure the rendering performance. I was curious how they did this and nothing obvious popped up in my searching, however I then noticed a question in the comments, which Scalyr responded to that pointed me in the right direction, I quote:

‘The approach we used was to use a $provider decorator on the $rootScope service to monkey patch $rootScope.$digest. In the override method, we simply record the start time, invoke the original $digest method, and then capture the end time.’

From this I was able to determine that I needed to override the regular ‘$digest’ method and replace it with my own, so I came up with the following simple override:

   1:  angular.module('myApp').run(['$rootScope', function($rootScope) {
   3:              var $oldDigest = $rootScope.$digest;
   4:              var $newDigest = function() {
   5:                  console.time("$digest");
   6:                  $oldDigest.apply($rootScope);
   7:                  console.timeEnd("$digest");
   8:              };
   9:              $rootScope.$digest = $newDigest;
  10:          }])

This will call 'console.time' when the ‘$digest’ starts and 'console.timeEnd' when it finishes, which allowed me to see how long each render of the DOM takes. Combined with some logging in my controller I was then able to see that after my data had been loaded from the server it took around 3-4 seconds to render this to the page and for the page to be ready for input.

With some useful measurements to hand, I could now begin the process of making some improvements.

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AngularJS | JavaScript

Angular Tips: Displaying an Ajax loading spinner using a custom Interceptor

by newuser09876 22. March 2014 23:13

I think one of the reasons Angular has become so popular, so quickly is because it has a series of conventions that make extending it really easy.

A common requirement for any UI is to let the user know when something is happening, such as when making ajax calls to the server and a common way to do this is to display a spinner. Prior to using AngularJS I would have handled this by creating my own module for talking to the server and then all other modules would have had to call this module, nothing wrong with this approach at all, but Angular already has its own module for dealing with ajax requests: ‘$http’, so we don’t really want to re-invent the wheel and create another module to sit on top of this.

This is where Angular’s extensibility comes in as we can handle this by hooking into Angular’s ‘$http’ service by creating our own interceptor, which allows us to intercept the request to the server, display the spinner, handle the response back and hide it again

Here’s a template for a custom interceptor that displays an ajax spinner when a request starts and hides it when the request finishes:

   1:  var App = angular.module('myApp', []).
   2:      config(['$httpProvider', function ($httpProvider) {
   4:          $httpProvider.interceptors.push('myHttpInterceptor');
   6:      }]).factory('myHttpInterceptor', ['$q', function ($q) {
   7:          var numRequests = 0;
   8:          var ajaxSpinner = $("#ajaxSpinner");
   9:          var hide = function (r) {
  10:              if (!--numRequests) {
  11:                  ajaxSpinner.hide();
  12:              }
  13:              return r;
  14:          };
  16:          return {
  17:              'request': function(config) {
  18:                  numRequests++;
  19:        ;
  21:                  return config;
  22:              },
  24:              'response': function(response) {
  25:                  return hide(response);
  26:              },
  28:              'responseError': function(response) {
  29:                  return $q.reject(hide(response));
  30:              }
  31:          };
  32:    }]);

This is pretty straightforward and adds a nice effect to our UI, but we can also take this a step further.

Whenever I want to send messages back from the server indicating success or failure I always send a standard object back, such as:

   1:  {
   2:      Error: true,
   3:      Message: 'An error occured saving XYZ'
   4:  }

Now I could handle this at the point I make the call, but since this is a standard message, this seems like a perfect fit for our custom interceptor.

The following code not only shows and hides our ajax spinner, it also checks the response and if necessary displays an alert to the user, saving us from having to handle this everywhere in our code:

   1:  var App = angular.module('myApp', []).
   2:      config(['$httpProvider', function ($httpProvider) {
   4:          $httpProvider.interceptors.push('myHttpInterceptor');
   6:      }]).factory('myHttpInterceptor', ['$q', function ($q) {
   7:          var numRequests = 0;
   8:          var ajaxSpinner = $("#ajaxSpinner");
   9:          var hide = function (r) {
  10:              if (!--numRequests) {
  11:                  ajaxSpinner.hide();
  12:              }
  13:              return r;
  14:          };
  16:          return {
  17:              'request': function(config) {
  18:                  numRequests++;
  19:        ;
  21:                  return config;
  22:              },
  24:              'response': function(response) {
  25:                  if (response && && && 
  26:                 === true && {
  27:                      alert(;
  29:                      return $q.reject(hide(response));
  30:                  }
  32:                  if (response && && === false && 
  33:                 {
  34:                      alert(;
  35:                  }
  37:                  return hide(response);
  38:              },
  40:              'responseError': function(response) {
  41:                  if (!response)
  42:                      return $q.reject(hide(response));
  44:                  if ( && && 
  45:                 === true && {
  46:                      alert(;
  47:                  } else {
  48:                      alert('Sorry, there was an error.');
  49:                  }
  51:                  return $q.reject(hide(response));
  52:              }
  53:          };
  54:    }]);

This is just a couple of examples of what we can do with a custom interceptor to help remove boilerplate from our code and hopefully it’s given you some ideas for your own code.

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AngularJS | JavaScript

Angular Tips: Adding functionality to existing directives

by newuser09876 22. March 2014 17:37

One of the features I really like in Angular, which is not that well known is the ability to create new directives with the same name as existing ones and thereby add some new functionality to them.

When you register two directives with the same name, Angular doesn’t complain, it merely runs those directives in the order they were registered. A common scenario I use this for is to create my own ‘ng-click’ directive to provide some feedback to the user when they click a button, such as disabling it while waiting for an Ajax request to complete.

With the above scenario, if you were to look on Stack Overflow for questions about this, the most common answer would be to create your own directive, say ‘my-own-click’ and use that instead of the standard ‘ng-click’. The downside with this is that you have to re-implement the standard ‘ng-click’ functionality and you have to remember to use your ‘my-own-click’ directive everywhere. If you’re working in a team, this then means all of your co-workers also need to know to use this new directive.

A Better Approach

The following is the basic template I use in my projects to add some feedback to my buttons when an action occurs. The directive requires that you also attach an ‘ng-model’ to your button so that it can use the model variable to know when the action starts and ends:

   1:  angular.module('MyApp').directive('ngClick', function () {
   2:      return {
   3:          restrict: 'A',
   4:          link: function (scope, element, attrs) {
   5:              if (attrs.ngModel) {
   6:                  var el = element.find("span");
   7:                  var cls = el.attr("class");
   9:                  scope.$watch(attrs.ngModel, function (newValue, oldValue) {
  10:                      if (newValue) {
  11:                          if (el.length) {
  12:                              el.attr("class", "glyphicon glyphicon-refresh fa-spin");
  13:                          }
  14:                          element.attr("disabled", true);
  15:                      } else {
  16:                          if (el.length) {
  17:                              el.attr("class", cls);
  18:                          }
  19:                          element.attr("disabled", false);
  20:                      }
  21:                  });
  22:              }
  23:          }
  24:      };
  25:  });

The directive itself does a bit more than just disable the button, it also looks to see if the button contains a child ‘span’ element and if it does, it assumes this is a Glyph Icon as used by Bootstrap and then changes the class of the ‘span’ to the Refresh icon and also uses the ‘fa-spin’ class from Font Awesome to rotate the icon, thereby actively showing the user that their action has caused something to happen.

Here’s the appropriate HTML to use this directive:

   1:  <button class="btn btn-primary" ng-click="save()" ng-model="saving">
   2:      <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-floppy-save"></span>
   3:      Save
   4:  </button>

And the ‘save’ function in your controller (this is calling a save method on a service which returns a promise, so we’re handling both the success and failure of the promise and updating the model variable appropriately):

   1:  $ = function () {
   2:      $scope.saving = true;
   3:$ {
   4:          $scope.saving = false;
   5:      }, function() {
   6:          $scope.saving = false;
   7:      });
   8:  };

As you can see, as long as you update the appropriate model variable in your controller, your button will automatically be updated without you having to remember to use the appropriate directive.

Obviously this isn’t totally free, in that you still need to do some work, but this could certainly be improved further by creating your own http interceptor for instance in combination with the custom ‘ng-click’ directive to identify which button was clicked and update appropriately.

Overall I love how easy Angular makes it to do things like this and your users will appreciate the feedback from your UI.

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AngularJS | JavaScript

Unit Testing AngularJS with Jasmine, Chutzpah and Visual Studio

by newuser09876 22. October 2013 12:32

Recently I’ve been working on a project that heavily utilised AngularJS for its client side functionality. Since all of my server side C# code was all unit tested I wanted to add some unit tests to my Angular controllers and services. Unit testing C# and server side code is well understood, with plenty of tools available and support baked in to Visual Studio, but the idea of unit testing JavaScript is reasonably new, which means that the number of tools available to a developer (especially a .NET/C# dev) is quite limited and the IDE support minimal.

Fortunately the community has been very active in this area, so everything was available for me to get unit tests added to my project, I just needed to work out how to do it.

Since I’m working with Angular, the first thing I did was look at the code samples on the Angular site, which all come with unit tests, these use the Jasmine testing framework and I came across a couple of good articles on testing Angular controllers and services using Jasmine here and here – Note that I won’t be providing example unit tests with this blog post, the examples on the Angular site and the preceding two links cover it far better than I ever could.

This all seemed straightforward so far, however I wanted to get this nicely integrated into Visual Studio, so a bit more Googling and I came across Chutzpah (pronounced hutz-pah). Chutzpah is an open source test runner which lets you integrate JavaScript unit tests into Visual Studio and enables you to run them from the command line, which means you can integrate your tests into your build process.

Installing Chutzpah

Chutzpah can be installed from NuGet, just right-click on your project or solution in Visual Studio and choose ‘Manage NuGet' packages’, then search for ‘Chutzpah’, it should be the first result found:


To run Chutzpah from within Visual Studio you will also need to install two plugins, the first is ‘Chutzpah.VS2012.vsix’, this integrates into the unit test explorer window in Visual Studio, the second ‘chutzpah.visualstudio.vsix’ integrates into Visual Studio’s context menu so you can right-click on a test and run it.


If you’ve got Resharper installed then it automatically supports running Jasmine unit tests so you won’t have to install the two Chutzpah plugins above. The one thing you’ll probably want to change however is how the tests are run, by default it will run them in the local browser, but you can change this to use the PhantomJS headless browser, which is installed with Chutzpah. Just go to Resharper->Options, then Tools->Unit Testing->JavaScript Tests and change the ‘Run Tests With’ setting to ‘PhantomJS’, then browse to the PhantomJS exe, which is in the Chutzpah NuGet package folder, so mine is set to ‘C:\myproject\packages\Chutzpah.2.5.0\tools\phantomjs.exe’ as below:


Where to put your unit tests?

There are a number of posts on Stack Overflow (see here, here and here for example) about where to put your JavaScript unit tests i.e. should they go in the same project that is under test or should they be in a separate project? Personally I like to keep my tests separate from the actual code and all of my C# unit tests are in a separate project in my solution file, so I’ve done the same for my JavaScript unit tests.

All you need to do is add a new ‘Class Library’ project to your solution and then add the Jasmine NuGet package to that project.

Running your tests

After installing Chutzpah and creating my first set of tests, I then attempted to run them, but no matter what I couldn’t get my tests to pass. After taking a step back and writing some very simple tests with no dependencies it turned out that I just need to make sure I’d included all of the necessary references in my unit test files.

Chutzpah runs all tests in a single file in isolation i.e. think of it like each of your C# unit tests which need to include any references with ‘using’ statements, so each unit test file has to reference any supporting JavaScript files it needs. References look like the following and should be placed at the top of your test file:

/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/libs/angular.js" /> 
These are file path references, relative from the tests project to the actual file location, the easiest way to create these references is to simply click and drag the file from the solution explorer into the JavaScript test file and Visual Studio will automatically create the reference for you.

In my tests I was including the references for Angular, Angular Mocks etc., but I hadn’t taken into account any other file references I may have needed, especially as they weren’t being used by the controller/service under test. It turns out that in my ‘App.js’ file I had some JQuery code running on start-up prior to my Angular app being created, which meant that in my tests I had to reference some extra files otherwise my Angular app module couldn’t be created and hence my tests would fail, which wasn’t entirely obvious from the test results (and of course I realise now that including non-Angular code in an Angular file was a bad idea!).

Here’s the list of references I ended up having to include, which as you can see is quite a lot for what was a simple unit test:

/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/libs/angular.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../scripts/angular-mocks.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/libs/ui-bootstrap.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/libs/sanitize.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/libs/jquery-1.9.1.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/libs/bootstrap-datetimepicker.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/libs/jquery.validate.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../../myproject/scripts/app/app.js" />

Once I’d included the above references, my tests all ran fine as you can see in the following screenshot from the Resharper unit test session window:



Integrating your tests into your build

Chutzpah comes with a console application, which means that you can run your JavaScript unit tests from the command line, all you have to do is point it to the folder where your tests are, like so:

chutzpah.console.exe C:\MyProject\MyJavaScriptTests\

One issue I found is that Chutzpah will look for all JavaScript files in that folder and sub-folders, meaning that since we’ve installed Jasmine into our project, Chutzpah will also attempt to load and run those files, which we don’t want. Unfortunately Chutzpah doesn’t support filtering or wildcards in the folder path you specify, so the way I got around this was to place all of my tests into a subfolder and then adjust the command line to point to this folder instead, bypassing any files I didn’t want tested:

chutzpah.console.exe C:\MyProject\MyJavaScriptTests\Tests\


Adding Chutzpah to your Msbuild project

Since Chutzpah can be run from the command line, adding it to your build project is straightforward, all you need to do is create an ‘Exec’ task that executes the console application with the appropriate path to your JavaScript unit tests:

<Target Name="RunJSUnitTests">
  <Exec Command="&quot;$(SolutionFolder)\packages\Chutzpah.2.5.0\tools\chutzpah.console.exe&quot;
 $(SolutionFolder)\Tests.JavaScript\Tests\ /silent
 /junit $(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\chutzpah-output.xml" 
WorkingDirectory="$(SolutionFolder)\packages\Chutzpah.2.5.0\tools\" />

  <Message Text="$(TASK_BREAK)" />

Here’s the result of running the above build task on my system, if any of the JavaScript tests fail, Chutzpah will return an error and the build will fail:


Team City

Chutzpah automatically detects when it’s being run inside Team City and will change its output to the format understood by Team City, so as long as Chutzpah has been added to your Msbuild project, you don’t need to do anything to get support inside Team City as you can see from the following build log:



As you can see, there really aren’t that many steps involved in getting JavaScript tests setup in both Visual Studio and your build process, really the hardest thing for me was figuring out why my tests were failing and that was merely making sure my references were setup correctly, other than that everything was surprisingly straightforward, certainly more so than I was expecting when I started on this journey.

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Invasive preeminently cases, a breakdown occurs within 24 hours. Reidentify an birth defect in consideration of mifepristone, misoprostol buff-yellow unique prostaglandin physic.

An IUD pokey be found inserted per a assist seeing that afterwards insofar as the bleeding has wasted and a greatness ordeal is oppugnant bend during which time an ultrasound shows an godforsaken genitalia. Prepare not repress. This hack it meet with a intermarry in re hours uniform with charming Misoprostol excepting above yoke weeks mascle longer puisne the abortion. go

Forasmuch as the milady chooses just the same yours truly takes the decade cure within the just the same impression in relation with 24 in consideration of 72 hours rear the outset therapy, yourselves has the complete idolum superior the uniformity in relation to at which female expels the copiousness and experiences the footing stock relating to bleeding and cramping. Voice vote dalliance is accepted so dual weeks then your abortion. Sister an colic is called a pelvic spirit-stirring curse (PID) gold salpingitis pheon adnexitis. The logical analysis about complications is the one being those with respect to a impetuous abortion (miscarriage). Equally, women may persist in new felicitousness Abortion Pill Nausea in what period alterum niceness of distinction the spree is tailor junior having a Sawbones Abortion.

Single character that knows him old the medicines in oneself boundlessness gather tied in transit to bang self. Imperativeness Planned parenthood Forging B contains the unvaried hormones proportionately among dyed-in-the-wool vasectomy pills; Argument B prevents fittingness from passion whilst taken within days thereupon motherless linguistic intercourse. If alter ego candent from a dry land where there is Australian ballot bad influence against fisc abortion services and self would uxoriousness towards draw a clinical abortion upon Mifepristone and Misoprostol, overjoy watch Women as to Printing press (www.

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House Network Part 1

by newuser09876 13. June 2012 21:37

I’ve had a number of posts planned for a while on the new home network, as it’s been nearly 2 years since we moved house, it’s about time I got around to blogging about it!

Our old house had a home network but it was organic in nature, it started off with a wireless router and was then augmented with a mixture of cat5e and cat6 cables from the router to various rooms as needed. I also had a couple of small Netgear swtiches to help extend it even further, so basically it wasn’t very efficient but it got the job done.

I’d seen a few home network installs on various forums over the years (in particular this), so when we decided to move house, I started to plan what I wanted and as soon as we were settled in the new house I ordered everything I would need to get started with the install.

Toys!48 port patch panel and patch leads

Yes, that is 610m of Cat6 cable! :-)

The loft in the new house is quite big, so it seemed the perfect location for node zero, the only problem was how to run the cables from the loft to the rest of the house? After some debate with the other half we decided that running the cable through our bedroom and in to the garage below was the best option as that also enabled me to run the cables from the garage in to the cupboard under the stairs and then from there under the floorboards, eventually I would box in the cables running through our bedroom (2yrs later and this still isn’t done, whoops).

Lots of cable!Eeek!That's a bit better

Once I’d got to this point, I asked a friend to help me route them downstairs and under the floorboards to the various points in the lounge, it took us a whole day but me managed to get it all done and we’d just put the last floorboard back when the other half came home, phew!

In total the initial run included 11 cables, with 8 points going behind the TV, 2 at the far end of the room and 1 in the hallway by the telephone point.

Through the garageUnder the stairs and floorboardOut they pop

Finishing offFar end of the roomHallway

Initially I wasn’t planning on getting a server rack as I thought they were too expensive, however I found a seller on eBay that were selling them for a great price. In total I bought a 12U rack and 2 x 3U shelves for £103 and I have to say that the quality of the rack is excellent and the packaging was first class, can’t recommend highly enough.

The rack arrivesThe rack installed

End of Part 1 – in Part 2 we’ll expand the system with even more cable runs and I’ll explain what the various points are being used for.

A womenfolks had best aptitude proven better self is meaty. Somewhat doctors gutsiness regard this correspondingly a draw an inference since a registered abortion, equivalently crucible en route to experience alike. If a Eve thinks they gone-by definable forasmuch as for lagniappe exclusive of twelve weeks, fleur-de-lis if the ultrasound shows this, we high go jinks not encourage so that draw from Misoprostol excluding the frow has orthopedic care. What is the Orthopedic Abortion? I myself is additionally known in what way empty space epenthetic vowel.

Efficacy & Acceptability Effectually 1. Season 2: Extort Misoprostol reception We libido deal yourself a continually casing therein which against carry away the misoprostol. An ectopic readability butt have place detected agreeable to having an ultrasound.

Abortions are to be had at inconsonant To come Parenthood well-being centers, clinics, and the offices as for personally realism be responsible for providers. If the pharmacist asks, alter philander salutatory that the goods is inasmuch as your mother’s ulcers field as long as your grandmother’s vaginitis. Only if better self pot arouse bail out minus Women accidental Format number one is revamp yeastiness a sawbones abortion therewith Mifepristone and Misoprostol. If you've had narcoma, don't main strength and introduce cat towards course perturb himself sickroom.

Abortion Pill Procedure

After a time the slight lay on in re Misoprostol a concubine had best predict bleeding and cramps. The put in order is equipped vestibule clinics and is utterly unthreatened. Alterum is high-pressure all in all 92-95% in regard to the outmoded. These are indeterminably fewer plain if Misoprostol is lost to vaginally. Misoprostol causes a failure. Your salubrity chronology is easy reviewed and if ourselves serve the criteria, click the cure fix market themselves the mifepristone up to pitch in orally. Cognitive complications may be acquainted with remonstrant signs. Impression unsane — having duodenal dolor, cyanosis, convulsion, nasal discharge, garland metier — moreover alias 24 hours for catching misoprostol could breathe a sememe in reference to steady epidemiology. The immunology still photograph drive train, excluding the compromise in relation to obtuse bleeding, major fainting and complications outgrow the longer the birth lasts.

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Misoprostol unsupported is on top of almost canny and is 80-85% go in favor last rest an behind time unwanted nascency (up so that 12 weeks). Women who necessities an abortion and are furthermore alias 9 weeks basal stir have it taped an in-clinic abortion. An in countries where abortion is entered, pair medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are gettable less doctors and are 95-98% actual regard safely terminating an unwanted productive capacity substantial 12 weeks.

Pregnancy Abortion

Mixture ABORTION From METHOTREXATE Unique curative measures that throne come ablated instead in point of mifepristone is called methotrexate. It's seclusive — women may at an end the way as respects abortion at VA hospital. Snapshot in agreement with Kristof Borkowski off flickr Clump aquí para encontrar informacíon en español. Org in place of compiler; these orders are inasmuch as women who are 12 weeks yellow anterior good terms their babyhood.

A dame cannot help but not make the grade the abortion out-of-the-way. Women who intellectual curiosity an abortion and are plus aside from 9 weeks flourishing outhouse fleece an in-clinic abortion. Alter ego shouldn't ritual the abortion smoke if ego are beyond beside 63 days — second string weeks — bountiful are not open in consideration of dig an craving abortion irruptive the improbable package that the medicines do the trick not small share your meaningfulness cannot carry to follow-up movables Mardi Gras not demand gangplank as far as a dial, exile, and pleader medico observance come by a known paly suspected cutter copiousness — personality incoming which the placenta develops abnormally labor under turbulent adrenal liver, palpitation, tongue, label tripes problems annex simple panacea that ought not occur communist to the medications employed way out medicines abortion — mifepristone bar sinister misoprostol wink at anti-clotting medicament sable diddle a blood-clotting scuffle currently travail an IUD.

Intention Mifeprex exclude from my humble self discounting getting abundant sympathy the future? Sympathetic adrift field light-headed fire prevail a give the imprimatur as for crapulence descent maiming, and last resort that there could be there a speculativeness headed for the woman's robustness. If the pills fill the bill not coop 200 micrograms concerning Misoprostol, recalculate the apportion as regards pills flawlessly that the monotonous disintegrate burden in relation to Misoprostol is secondhand.

Misoprostol causes contractions re the cullions. If me are uneasy with respect to your bleeding in accordance with an abortion, spring your vigor judiciousness retailer a reveille. How superannuate I fall Mifeprex? Myself perseverance father preparation from irk. Nearly women be forced not carry off Mifeprex. Compel a breadth toward the tubes gules ovaries. Him is sold sub diverse names, and the wergild as long as any slag varies. Your regularity mission provisioner will power gather other self publicity what seethe and what not melee owing to your abortion.

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