Choosing your preferred Media Center Software

by newuser09876 8. December 2009 21:00

Over the next few weeks I intend to post some new articles explaining why I did or did not choose a particular Media Center application, what I think are the good points and bad points and why you should or shouldn't choose one over the other.

The point of these posts isn’t to criticise any of these apps, indeed I think they’re all great in their own way, it’s more a case of fulfilling my own particular needs and hopefully I’ll be able to help others out in the process.

Here’s a list of the posts I’m planning which I’ll update as I post each one:

  • Why I chose not to use SageTV
  • XBMC and its offshoots (Plex, Boxee et al)
  • MediaPortal
  • The enigma that is Windows Media Center
  • Media Center apps that I haven’t already covered

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