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Building a media server/bedroom HTPC

IMG_4182 After the success of my first file server I thought it was about time to upgrade to something a bit more meaty. The other half had also suggested about having a TV in the bedroom, need I say more... ;-)

As per normal I really didn't want to spend too much money on building this machine, my main criteria was to make sure the cost was no more than buying a standalone TV, at the time (December 2006) the cost of a reasonable 19" TV with a built in freeview tuner was around the £300 mark.

I'd just built a new PC for a friend and luckily for me he said I could keep everything from his old PC, which included a Lian-Li PC60 case, I already had some spare hard drives and a keyboard and mouse lying around as well.

The system didn't need to be particularly meaty, so the following is what I ended up ordering for a total cost of £293.59 including delivery:

  • Belinea 1925S1W 19" Widescreen
  • AMD Sempron 3000+ 64Bit (1.8Ghz) Socket 754 Processor
  • ECS 755-A2 SiS755 SKT 754 motherboard
  • Corsair 512MB DDR 400MHz/PC3200 Memory
  • Microsoft OEM Media Center Remote Control Inc Reciever
  • Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-t PCI Freeview Receiver
  • Belkin G Wireless USB Adapter

The Hauppage card does actually come with its own IR receiver and remote, but I prefer the Microsoft media center ones, mainly because they're USB and can bring the PC out of standby.

When all the bits came I built the machine and also attempted to use MediaPortal's TV Server for the first time, which is a client/server based TV app, unfortunately this was in the reasonably early stages of development at the time and didn't work too well, so I stuck with the standard MediaPortal TV engine.

Once everything was up and running I then wanted to put the machine into the loft and just have the monitor in the bedroom, so that the PC was tucked out of the way and we wouldn't have to put up with the noise. The loft itself didn't have any power points, so I spurred off of a point in the kids bedroom, went through the airing cupboard (which as stated previously in my last post already had cabling running through it) and put in a single socket, which I then plugged in a surge protected 4 socket extension lead.

IMG_4179 The power was now sorted, but I then had to think how I was going to get the cabling from the loft down into the bedroom to the monitor, luckily for me we had yet to decorate (and we still haven't!) so I could afford to be a little messy and then worry about clearing it up at a later date, so I just punched a hole in the ceiling and dropped the required cables through. It doesn't look pretty but it does the job!

I was now able to put the machine in the loft and connect everything up, this is when I realised that perhaps going wireless wasn't such a great idea as I couldn't get a signal with the USB receiver in the loft, so I ended up having to drop this through the ceiling as well using a USB extension cable.

At this point I was able to decommission the old file server and transfer the 2 external hard drives to the new server, re-adjust the sharing folders on the kitchen and lounge media centers and that was it, the new file server/media center was up and running and has been for the last couple of years. It's since been rebuilt and had lots of storage added, but I'll talk about that in a future post, in the meantime here's some more photos of the system.

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